The Art of Storytelling, for The Guardian/Zenith

Event Date:

16th October 2019

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3:00 pm

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2 Television Centre , London

NOTE: This write up was posted after the event. People in advertising are just as interested in storytelling as journalists: 40 of them came to this talk. Wondering what exactly they were looking for, I asked them. Several put their hands up, requesting tips on how to:
  • Sell ideas
  • Communicate in ways that feel “concrete, less all over the place”
  • Be inspiring
  • Have more engaging and memorable meetings
  • Be clearer, and improve understanding all round
  • Persuasion (generally, not just in sales)
I’d been asked by the organiser, beforehand, to leave people with the revolutionary idea that they don’t need to rely on PowerPoint, so obviously I didn’t use slides. In fact, we turned the room around so that I didn’t even have a screen behind me. Just a flip chart, with a loose outline. The individual points may not make a lot of sense if you’ve not been to one of my workshops. (Only one way to fix that!)
  The session ended with a Q&A, in which I was asked:
  • How do you plan a story, and get to the outline?
  • How do you deal with people trying to jump ahead in the story?
  • What simple techniques can you share to help somebody who is thrown by difficult questions in a meeting?
  • Can you give an example – a good example! – of people using storytelling to get a pay rise?
  • How do I stop being self-conscious in front of people?
After replying, I asked if I had answered satisfactorily, and – thankfully – each questioner said yes.
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Event Location:

  • 2 Television Centre
  • 101 Wood Lane
  • London
  • UK

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  • 16th October 2019
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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