Treat yourself…

Many years ago, a mixed group of people travelled from London to Canterbury, swapping stories.

Some of the tales were intensely spiritual. Others were rude. Many were very funny.

The storytelling was competitive: the best tale won a free meal.

We never find out if these pilgrims reached their destination – the shrine of St Thomas a Becket – because Geoffrey Chaucer never finished writing The Canterbury Tales.

But that doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter if you have never heard of Chaucer, or his classic stories.

What matters is this: we’ve pinched Chaucer’s idea of a storytelling pilgrimage, and updated it for the 21st century.

We don’t travel as far – usually taking hours, rather than days to reach our destination.

But we do travel around to do this all over the country. We usually start at a local bookshop, walk towards our destination, and have lunch or afternoon tea before saying goodbye to each other.

Join us, to you’ll quickly learn techniques that help you to make up stories on the spot, but which will also improve stories that you work up over time.

For an added thrill, to be true to Chaucer’s original idea, we sometimes let the storytelling get mildly competitive.

Starting competitive storytelling

Nobody has to do that, obviously. But what we can promise is this: you’ll get exercise, and good company, walking towards a destination that offers peace and a chance to reflect.

You’ll find more details on our Events page.

Please come. We’d love to have you with us.