Lawyers show their feelings

Senior partners at a leading City law firm invited us to share ideas about how to make stories really compelling.

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We asked to hear a few of the stories they wanted to tell. And many shared interesting accounts of important matters…

But the stories weren’t as effective as they could be – until we asked them to increase the awareness of emotion:

  • their own emotions as they told the story, and
  • the emotion of others they were telling us about.

It wasn’t easy at first. Lawyers are trained to be clinical and logical.

But gradually individuals managed to add tiny details (“I was up all night worrying about it”, “he was furious”, “it makes me laugh to remember it now”).

And as if by magic, the stories became thrilling.

If this sounds easy, it is. But it also isn’t. Hats off to the brave individuals who went first, and showed the others what could be achieved.

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