Telling your family story

We all have stories to tell about our families – too many stories to know where to start.

Whether you are looking to get published or “just” put together memories to pass on to future generations, it helps to follow a clear structure.

We ran a masterclass using ideas from the book we published with Faber & Faber.

Among other things, we showed participants that often it’s not the memories themselves that matter so much as how we feel about them.

“My father worked as a refuse collector” isn’t half as interesting as “I never told my friends that my father worked as a refuse collector”.

“My mother sang at all the world’s leading opera houses” isn’t as interesting as “I never felt able to compete with my mother’s success as an opera singer”, or “my mother expected me to go into opera, as she had done”.

If you’re looking for help writing your own family story, we offer occasional courses through The Family Project (link opens in a new window).

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