Build connection in lockdown: poet in residence

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Get some Rhyme in your Zoom

I’m in lock-down, to stop the spread of disease (coronavirus, 2020). You may be too.

Yesterday, I was surprise guest at a company’s online meeting.

After a short introduction, we settled down to making up a poem. I shared my screen, and I did the typing, as everybody lobbed in ideas, and rhymes.

I jigged things about a little, then read the poem back to them all.

It was very odd, because I couldn’t see many of them. But what fun.

They seemed to like it:

Story Games online


Once upon a time, there was a coronavirus. It made my bones ache, my brain like sloshing water. It made my breathing a bit wheezy. At night, I had fever.

And then after a couple of days it became boringly like a cold.

Now I’m ready for action – online. What about you?

I’ve been teaching storytelling and performance for ages, in person and online. Why not give it a go?

Find the next session on my Events page.